Savage Torg

Journey to Orrorsh

Death of a FireMage

You returned to a heroes welcome. The destruction of the vikings gave local forces the morale boost they sorely needed. Now they know they can take the fight to the enemy, and are doing so. As a reward for your efforts you were granted titles (Storm Knight Protectors) and a deed to a small fortification.

While you are settling in to your new digs, you thought it would be nice to invite some NPC’s to your castle-warming party. All but Fr. O’Neill showed up. The next morning he was not in his church.

The church was searched (ransacked) and the group found a couple books on his desk. One was a diary. The other was a book bound in a strange material, similar designs to those found on the spears from the mermen.

You met with Dr. Parker, a Victorian aristocrat, and Storm Knight patron. He will serve as guide and can smooth things over with the locals, and will cover all your room/board/clothing related expenses while in Orrorsh. Dr. Parker is an explorer/adventurer of sorts, retired from the Queens Lancers, and is well known in Orrorsh. He will give each of you $150 in Victorian currency as walking around money.

Discussed the Orrorsh World Laws

You traveled to Orrorsh by Clipper Ship which sails out of Aysle on a weekly basis. Crossing to the horror realm did present the usual reality storms, but the effects were minimal.

The party landed in an outpost called New London. It is primarily a military outpost, but there is also a civilian presence.

After questioning some locals, the party determined Fr. O’Neill headed to the other side of the island, where a group of primitive natives lived at the base of a dormant volcano. They hired a boat and headed over to the visit their fishing village.

The villagers were quite friendly. The witchdoctor hut was along a trail heading up the volcano. O’Neill was present in the witchdoctor hut.

The body of the former shaman was piled in the corner, his chest ripped open by brute force, and his heart torn out.

There was another hut with some witch doctor paraphernalia including stone versions of the pyramids.

The group attacked Fr. O’Neill. They were able to overcome him without killing him but not before he Puppet’d a couple party members, and traumatized them with fear, such that they now have a phobia of John’s character.

The party returned to New London to talk with a retired ship captain who they hoped would know about the weights, and islanders. Among other things, they learned the captain was attended with a couple that managed the grounds and household. His grounds were decorated with stones in strange geometric shapes. His home is decorated with memorabilia from decades of sea voyages. He talks to himself/invisible shipmates. He is quite rich, and is not motivated by money.

They also learned the islanders hold a ritual on the night of the full moon. They tossed one of their weights into the lagoon which summoned a school of fish.

Chris tossed one of his gold weights into the water and summoned a gargantuan sea creature.

The villagers fled in fear, and summoned the volcano god to protect them. The presence of the volcano god was enough to cause the sea monster to flee.

Chris tossed another weight in, and that caused the lagoon to bubble and boil.

This angered the villagers and they ran down the trail to stop him. Chris responded by using magical bursts to wipe out the pursuing villagers. The rest of the party flees.

He tossed in yet another weight. This one summoned a large chest filled with gold. He managed to load up 40 pounds of gold before the volcano god burned him.

Loose Ends:
Steve and Aaron have phobias regarding John they will need to work out.
Chris’s new character?
What about those villagers?



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