Savage Torg

Kill Dr. Yomuri

Why can't I crash this van?

You are posing as lightbulb replacement technicians, sitting in a van, which is parked at the Cryptozoology Genetics Research Lab. You have destroyed the samples the bad guys were interested in, and are now waiting for the head scientist to return from his golf game, so he can be prevented from recreating his experiments.

The plan was to smash the delivery truck into Yomuri’s car, and jump out of hiding, guns blazing.

No plan ever survives contact with the enemy.

Dr Yomuri was not alone. He had a MarSec driver, and Bunraku along with him in his armored car. In a second armored car were 6 other employees/ninjas who were also avid golfers.

The van had a collision warning system installed so Alex was unable to smash it into Yomuri’s car. Instead he bailed out and took on the 6 ninjas in hand to hand combat.

John and Mario were able to gun down Bunraku, and Yomuri. The MarSec agent being the last man standing, hijacked a motorcycle and escaped.

Next Adventure: Nile Empire

Loose Ends:
The Ranger is still acting crazy, and even sympathetic doctors are unwilling to let him on the street.



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