Aysle Axioms:

Magical Axiom:

Magic defines much of what Aysle is. Everyone believes in it, uses it (to varying degrees), and understands it as a part of everyday life. Spells and spell effects handle many of the tasks Core Earth uses technology for. Aysle is a static world, and advancement only comes through the use of magic, which makes the impossible real for a temporary period. At this axiom level, even the least skilled can use magic to some degree, but training confers huge advantages to those who undergo its rigors.

Under the axiom, spells and spellcasting are possible. Enchanted items exist and can be created, and even kindred that depend on magic to survive thrive in the cosm and realm.

Social Axiom:

On a social level, Aysle resembles the medieval world with a few notable differences. Life is not as hard or taxing for the Ayslish as it was for their feudal Core Earth counterparts. Magic has seen to that, providing conveniences and a better standard of living which our world did not see until after the Industrial Revolution.

The thing to remember is that while Aysle has a relatively high social axiom, it is just coming out of a long period of darkness into a period of war. No single authority remains, though Uthorion and Ardinay are the most powerful leaders in the realm.

Spiritual Axiom:

Both the cosm and the realm of Aysle have a high spiritual axiom, granting those with the ability to tap it another type of power beyond magic. The gods of Aysle can be contacted to gain this spiritual energy which folk can convert to miracles of faith.

While the gods of Aysle do not regularly appear in town squares or within sanctified temples, their influence can be routinely observed. They bestow miracles on the faithful, they aid followers with additional magical abilities, and they dictate the opinions and actions of whole nations. Magic may dominate life in Aysle, but religion comes very close and is intertwined with the magic of the land. Of all the races of kindred and folk living on Aysle, only the dwarves (for the most part) refuse to utilize this avenue of power.

Tech Axiom:

Technology in Aysle resembles that of the late medieval to early Renaissance periods of Earth’s history. Sails move ships across the seas, the more advanced dwarven culture uses steam power, and crude firearms (such as the wheel lock) are coming into more common use. Still, melee weapons and various bows are more reliable. Even the dwarf with crossed wheel lock pistol holsters carries a battle-ax for when the guns fail or run out of ammunition.

Magic, of course, makes up for a lot of what technology cannot yet do, and in some ways it has even hampered technological growth. Better sail and ship development has been postponed because water and air mages can keep vessels moving in even the most severe storm or on the calmest sea. Talk of improved firearms fails in the face of fireball and lightning bolt spellcasters. Currently, there is nothing that technology can do better, faster, or more conveniently than magic can.

Aysle World Rules:

The Law of Observation

Reality is defined in Aysle by what one can observe through the senses. If something cannot be sensed, it holds no reality. The exception to this law is magic, which has its own governing law.

Under Aysle’s Law of Observation, everything that is perceived is real, and everything that is real has been previously perceived.

Yes, this means you cannot disbelieve illusions.

The Law of Magic

The Law of Magic states that magic is real. Further, magic is available to all folk, though not all take full advantage of this. No matter, because through this world law all Ayslish folk are born with Arcane Skill: Spellcasting, Power Points: 1, and Starting Powers: 1. They do not get the Arcane Background automatically, but it is not a prerequisite for casting spells. The Spellcasting skill starts at the default level d4-2, although many seek to increase their skill.

Those who take the Arcane Background Edge, gain the ability to cast spells without power point cost. Higher point cost is taken as a penalty to the skill roll which may be offset by using enchanted coins.

Enchanted Coins: The one spell most everyone learns is how to enchant a coin with one power point. These enchanted coins are the accepted currency in the realm, and can be used to store power points for later use.

The Law of Honor

The Law of Honor permeates the land, declaring that honor cannot be hidden — the good that folk do is reflected in their spirit and is discernible to those who can sense such things. Further, the more honorable a folk is, the more that honor is reflected outwardly as appearance and bearing.

Those traits (and their associated actions) considered honorable include faithfulness, loyalty, being true to yourself and your word, respect, and valor. Honor, truth and justice demand to be recognized in Aysle, and those of noble heart gain advantages (TBD) from the Law of Honor. The law is primarily interested in defending the rights of the folk and maintaining the status quo of goodness throughout the land. The law states that when there is danger or trouble, when injustice shows itself, then a hero of honor will appear to right the wrongs and save the day. Under Uthorion’s reign, this law was masked by the rise of the Law of Corruption, and even those who heard the call of honor tended to ignore it in the face of Uthorion’s legions of evil.

The Law of Corruption

The Law of Corruption fills the land, declaring that corruption cannot be hidden — the evil that folk do is reflected in their spirit and is discernible to those who can sense such things. Further, the more corrupt and evil a folk is, the more that corruption is reflected outwardly as appearance and bearing.

Those acts considered corrupt include spiritual weakness and immoral character, disloyalty, lying, cheating, stealing, deception, cowardice, premeditated crimes, and other acts of evil. Evil and corruption demand to be recognized in Aysle, and those of evil intent find it hard to keep their intentions secret. The law is interested in revealing evil in all its forms through the corruption of spirit, mind and body. The law states that when evil is done, it will be known by those of honor.

Uthorion perverted this law, subtly changing it throughout those parts of Aysle under his control. By modifying the world law, Uthorion was able to defer his past evils to the land instead of building up the detectable corruption within himself. In that way, no one was able to detect that Lady Ardinay had become corrupt, and Uthorion’s deception held. To this day, those portions of the land under the dominion of darkness still have the look of corruption. The soil becomes hard and brittle, trees and plants whither and gnarl, and the sky darkens, throwing the corrupt lands into perpetual shadow.

Further effects of the Law of Honor and the Law of Corruption are still TBD.

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