Invoked Storms

A possibility-rated character can invoke the Everlaw of One whenever he is confronted with a possibility rated being from another cosm. The two, being strong representations of their realities, are prime targets for elimination by the Everlaw of One. No more than one being may be targeted when invoking the Everlaw. The character and his foe are then locked in a reality storm.

Confrontation in a reality storm is conducted using the Storm Results Table (page 40). The reality storm continues until either the invoking character or the target is completely drained of Possibilities, or transformed. The contest is like combat, each opponent generating a reality total each round, and comparing it to his opponent’s reality value.

The reality storm seals off the contestants from all other beings, objects, or energy, although legend states that communication is possible. The Everlaw of One tries to minimize the number of variables with which it must work; nothing affects the contestants other than themselves, until the storm is over. For game purposes, the character in the maelstrom may not receive cards from other players, nor trade in any way.

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Invoked Storms

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