Living Land Background

The Delphi Council

Established by the late President Jonathan Wells, the Delphi Council is an emergency task force with the authority to act in "the best interests of the people of the United States. " With the support of the new President, Dennis Quartermain, the definition of what those best interests are is truly staggering. The Council works under a war mentality, doing everything in its power to assure the continued existence of the United States — even if its measures are definitely not in a democratic vein.

Border towns are placed under martial law and converted into armed camps in order to defend the interior nation. A military draft is about to be reinstated. Property is being confiscated for the greater good, and people are being forced to move if it is suspected they are unwittingly providing possibility energy to the invaders.

Special agents, codenamed Spartans, work to promote the decisions of the Council. The primary function of the Spartans is to enter the Living Land, find and log resistence communities, and then remove them from the Living Land by any means possible so that the enemy cannot become stronger — including extermination.

The Common Ground Association

The Common Ground Association is a grass-roots movement that is gaining popularity throughout the United States and Canada. This group believes that there are Edeinos who are not a part of the invading forces, and they demand that Keta Kalles be treated like any other religion in America.

Many Americans feel that members of the movement are simply enemy sympathizers, and the Delphi Council is doing its best to destroy the movement. This has caused many clashes at CGA demonstrations, and if support continues to grow it could lead to a civil war to add to the United States’s troubles.

North America

Canada and the United States have been invaded from Takta Ker, as Baruk Kaah forms the Living Land realm. There are still large areas of these two nations not under the dominion of the primitive High Lord. While the Canadian government is struggling in Regina, Saskatchewan, the turmoil suffered by the United States is even greater. The President and Vice-President disappeared while attending a United Nations conference when the invasion began. The Speaker of the House assumed the Presidency, appointed the Secretary of Defense as Vice-President, and was assassinated during his first few weeks in office, after establishing the Delphi Council to deal with the crisis at hand. The new President, Dennis Quartermain, is a member of the Delphi Council, and is restoring what order he can to the nation.

Mexico has a severe refugee problem, as tens of thousands of people are crossing the border to escape the changes further north. Many of them are repatriates, returning to the country of their birth. Some are Americans desperate to flee the alien war which threatens to engulf the whole continent. Food, water, and basic necessities are in short supply, especially since France stopped shipping aid. Mexico is turning away from the United States, and is working with the nations of Central and South America to form a joint policy on the invasion.

The Eastern Land

The Eastern Land is the seat of Baruk Kaah’s power on Earth. From the abandoned and overgrown cities through the outlying farm lands, the area is filled with all manner of dinosaurs and tribes of Edeinos fiercely loyal to the Saar. These tribes have been bolstered by Core Earthers who have transformed to the reality of Takta Ker and become savages — at least by 20th century standards.

The dense population has allowed the High Lord to expand quickly. This has provided not only new tribe members, but also plenty of bodies for fertilizing gospog seeds.

New York, considered to be a dead land by the Edeinos, has been left to those humans who steadfastly refuse to flee. Although a few areas remain under the control of the Edeinos, notably the bridgehead area around Flushing Meadow Park and Manhattan’s Central Park gospog field, the rest is left for those “soft-skinned ones” who have not yet found Life in Lanala. But these people must make do without modern conveniences, as technology refuses to function in the pure zone.

Philadelphia is a Core Earth hardpoint that is surrounded on all sides by Takta Ker’s Deep Mist. It serves as a place of refuge, a launching point for counter strikes, and a place of contact between the Living Land and Core Earth — as long as it can hold off the enemy army camped outside its bounds.

Scattered across the Eastern Land are resistance communities that refuse to fall to Baruk Kaah’s raiders. Many of these communities are selfsufficient, but others need supplies that possibility-rated truckers transport from place to place. They tend to keep low profiles, not only to avoid the attention of the invaders, but to stay out of sight of the Delphi Council (see below).

Most of the battles still occurring in North America are taking place along the border zones of the Eastern Land.

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Living Land Background

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