Most characters are vampire hunters, big game hunters, mystics, or priests. However, players may also opt to play “good” werewolves, vampires, or other Horrors struggling with their inner demons but attempting to do good. The Rippers campaign setting for Savage Worlds has a wealth of inspiration.

Orrorsh Axioms:

Magical Axiom (15):

All other cosms < Orrorsh < Aysle.

Magic is this realm is occult in nature, and typically used to harm others. Ayslish magic is a contradiction in this realm. More primitive magicians (from other cosms) cast their spells in such a manner so do not cause contradictions.

The Victorians’ cosm of Orrorsh has a magic axiom of 15. This is high enough to give magic real power: spells may be cast, magical beings exist, and so forth. The Victorians accept the existence and power of magicians, alchemists, witches, and so forth.

However, there is a large stigma attached to the practice of magic. Because of the peculiar world rules of Orrorsh (largely due to the Gaunt Man’s interference), it is easier to hurt than to heal with magic in Orrorsh — destruction is a lot easier than creation. Magic also has a distinct warping effect upon its practitioners: constantly tempted by the evil of the Gaunt Man, many are twisted, destroyed by the powers they wield, or simply go mad. There is nothing so frightening as a madman who wields arcane power.

There are exceptions. “White” magicians who scrupulously avoid doing evil and thus manage to avert the destructive side effects exist, but they are weaker than practitioners of the black arts. Black or white, all are viewed with justifiable suspicion and fear by the populace.

Social Axiom (20):

Living Land, Aysle, Cyberpapacy < Orrorsh = Nile Empire < Core Earth, Nippon Tech

On a social level, Psi users from Core Earth or Nippon Tech will cause contradictions.

The Victorians are always firmly convinced that they are doing the right thing. That may be their single most important characteristic: self-righteousness. They fight to the death for Queen and Country; the Victorian Way is the best way; God has given them a mission to civilize their world — and, apparently, this New World as well.

They treat others as inferiors – European-stock people as poor second-cousins with the misfortune to have not been born Victorian, nonwhites as savage children, needing control and guidance to achieve civilization (whether they want it or not). Though there are notable exceptions, most Victorians firmly believe that they are the chosen people.

On the other hand, Victorians are scrupulously honest and courageous, and fully believe in the principles of fair play. Believing themselves noble, they take noblesse oblige quite seriously. Secure in the rightness of their actions, they will fight to the death to defend them.

The Victorians treat the darkskinned natives of Indonesia with everything from good-natured condescension to outright contempt. They are savages, to be treated fairly but firmly. The Victorians believe in the White Man’s Burden: under the Victorians’ guidance, the natives may some day be nearly as good as Europeans.

Naturally, this infuriates the Indonesians, who have spent the better part of this century ridding themselves of Core Earth imperialists, and they have no desire to be subjected to new ones from another cosm. The Indonesians are fighting as much against the Victorians as against the other invaders. Unfortunately, much of the Indonesians’ modern weaponry is breaking down; without the ability to repair it, they are forced to use more primitive equipment against the Victorians.

With their discipline, esprite de corps, and unparalleled experience in small-unit combat — not to mention their access to magic and miracles — the Victorians are soundly beating the Indonesians, taking over territory as fast as their supply trains allow them to occupy it.

Spiritual Axiom (17):

Nippon Tech, Core Earth, Cyberpapacy, Aysle < Orrorsh = Nile Empire < Living Land

The spiritual level of this realm is not high enough to support the miracles of Lanala. Living Land Miracles are a contradiction.

Victorians practice a religion very similar to some sects of Core Earth Christianity. The mythos and religious rites are nearly identical; though the Victorians’ deity is seen as somewhat harsher, more quicker to anger than most modern Core Earth views of God — more Old Testament than New.

The Victorians see the Core Earth Christian religions as tragically warped views of the truth. Having a high spiritual axiom, they have constantly witnessed miracles, vastly reinforcing their faith. They pity the Christian Earthers their misguidedness, but generally do not interfere.

With non-Christians, however, the Victorians are ardent missionaries; as they spread across Indonesia fighting the monsters, they also proselytize to the natives. Saving the savages’ souls is at least as important as defeating the creatures, if not more so. Victorians consider all non-Christian religions to be enemies.

Tech Axiom (19):

Living Land, Aysle, < Orrorsh < Nile Empire, Core Earth, Nippon Tech, Cyberpapacy

Technology in Orrorsh is 19th century, Victorian/WildWest/Civil War era. An exception to this will be Steampunk tech as described in the Smith & Robards catalog.

Victorian transportation consists of horse-drawn carriages, steam-driven railroads, and coal steamers. They have experimented with Zeppelins, but with little success. Long-range communication is by fast packet steamer or, increasingly, telegraph.

Coming from a lower tech level, Victorians are fascinated by the impossible devices they encounter on this planet—heavier than air vehicles, telephones, heart transplants, and so forth. However, they note that those things break with alarming frequency in Orrorsh realm (because of the lower tech level they have caused in their realm, though they don’t know it); obviously, their way is the best.

Orrorsh World Rules:

The Power of Fear

Until the Power of Fear is overcome, the following rules are in effect:

  1. In pure areas, no wild die unless they have corruption.
  2. In dominant/pure areas, cannot create contradictions, spend bennies, form reality bubbles, or create reality storms.
  3. In all areas, Guts rolls are made at -1.

The Law of Corruption

Evil acts are rewarded with an additional Benny, though the perpetrator is given one level
in Corruption. When this score exceeds the character’s Spirit, the character turns into an NPC Horror.

Law of Undeath

Horrors can only be eternally destroyed by their “True Death.” If not killed this way, they will be reborn in new body.

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