Possibility Energy

Storm Knights (player character heroes) can store possibility energy, energy which can temporarily alter the world around them in a variety of ways to allow characters to perform amazing feats.

Using the Savage Worlds game system, possibilities are bennies.

Reality works differently between one cosm and another (see “The Axioms” later in this chapter), and possibility energy constantly flows to maintain the reality — meaning that equipment, magic, and even skills from your home cosm might not work so well in an alien cosm.

A character in a foreign cosm may spend a Possibility and cocoon himself in a “reality bubble” for 15 minutes. During that time, everything — technology, magic, etc. — works for that character as it would work in his home cosm. There are restrictions, but leave those to the gamemaster.

Example: Quin is in a “pure zone” of the New Empire of the Nile. In the pure zone of a lower tech level, his Uzi simply does not work. If he wished, Quin could spend a Possibility to make the automatic weapon work for 15 minutes. During this time, Quin’s other equipment (his night scope, his antiseptic spray, his tear gas grenades) would also work.

Possibilities are a powerful tool for getting your character out of a jam. But once you spend them they are gone, so spend them wisely.

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Possibility Energy

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