Stormers and Storm Knights

As a result of the Possibility Wars, certain people on Earth reach what is called a moment of crisis. At that moment, the person gains the ability to manipulate possibility energy, for good or for evil.

The Raiders call these beings Stormers. Those that oppose the Raiders prefer to call themselves Storm Knights. Your character is a Storm Knight, opposed to the High Lords of the invading realms. Your goal is to free the Earth from the varying realities and stop the Raiders before they consume the living power of the planet. If they succeed, the world dies.

When the Possibility Raiders invade
a cosm, one consequence is the huge
reality storms caused by the intermixing
of two separate axiom sets. These
storms, filled with possibility energy
that wrack and warp reality, often
create the conditions by which heroes
reach their potential and become possibility-
rated characters. As the Raiders
observed that these heroes were
found most frequently in the wake of
a storm, they called them “stormers.”

One hero, a Tolwyn Tancred of the
Aysle cosm, decided to use the truth in
the Possibility Raiders name, but to
coin a more noble title. She created the
term Storm Knights to refer to those
heroes who oppose the High Lords
and the other Possibility Raiders.

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Stormers and Storm Knights

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