The Living Land

Living Land Axioms:

Magical Axiom:

Because of the reality of the Living Land, all magic used in the realm or the cosm causes a contradiction.

Social Axiom:

The tribe is the most complex social unit a group can form. Complicated military organizations break down in the Living Land.

Spiritual Axiom:

Very spiritually rich. The worship of Lanala is dominant. All other mythos need to create a contradictory reality to effect their miracles.

Tech Axiom:

Smelted metals, plowed fields, wine making, oil lamps are the level of technology in the Living Land. Swords and daggers are state of the art weapons.

Living Land Rules:

The Deep Mist:

A warm humid mist permeates everything. On a clear day vision extends to 30 meters (15 hexes), 20 meters on a cloudy day. Either way objects appear as shadowy silhouettes beyond 10 meters. Another side effect is it is impossible to use celestial objects for navigation. Even the position of the sun is problematic due to the diffusion of the atmosphere.

The Compass Curse:

Magnetic lines are crossed in this land. Compasses always give incorrect and inconsistent readings. Creating a contradiction will not help in this case as the compass is working properly, the land itself if cursed.

Lanala’s Love of Life:

Anything ‘dead’ decays fast, within a day. Dead items brought in from core earth are resistant (not immune) to this effect.

Living Land Skills Modifications:

Direction Sense (New):

details TBD


Higher TN, details TBD


Higher TN, details TBD

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The Living Land

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