The Reality Skill

Characters with the reality skill are
called possibility-rated characters, because
they can store possibility energy
using this skill. Possibility-rated characters
are better connected to the possibility
energy of their cosm, giving
them several advantages over nonrated
characters. For example, nonrated
characters, or Ords, roll the die
again only on a 10, giving them far less
of a chance of performing a spectacular

Uses of the Skill

If your equipment or abilities fail
because of the difference in realities,
your reality skill may get them to function
once again. You may try once per
round to get your equipment or abilities

The reality skill may be used to
invoke a reality storm, a contest between
two possibility-rated characters
from different cosms. The contest is
fierce and quite dangerous, ending
with one opponent stripped of all his
Possibilities. A storm can drain you of
Possibilities, cause increasing physical
damage to the area, transform you
over to the reality of your attacker,
even lock you into a swirling maelstrom
of primal possibility energy, a
cycle of creation and destruction which
may never end. Reality storms are
therefore to be used only with extreme
caution. They can destroy your character.

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The Reality Skill

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